Welcome to the TEKC!

Club History

The Traditional Ecological Knowledge Club (TEKC) was organized in 2019 by a group of Indigenous and allied students from across campus. In 2020, the TEKC became a formally recognized student organization within the University.

TEKC Purpose

  • Provides OSU students, faculty, and the general public with a space to respectfully discuss Indigenous forms of knowledge including Traditional Ecological Knowledges (TEK), Indigenous Knowledges (IK), and Traditional Knowledges (TK).
  • Provides support and increased demand for academic departments to create TEK, IK, and TK classes, incorporate TEK, IK, and TK into science-based curriculum, and responsible research opportunities for students.
  • Serves as the organizing entity for the National Traditional Ecological Knowledge Summit.
  • Creates academic and community-focused events to bring Indigenous Knowledge systems into larger audiences while supporting tribal data sovereignty and the rights of Native Nations to communicate their own stories.

Join the Club!

To officially join the club, please visit OSU’s Club Finder and search for “Traditional Ecological Knowledge Club”.

Log-in with your ONID/OSU info and click Join!

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Winter 2022 Meeting Dates

Tuesday, January 11 @ 9 AM

Wednesday, January 26 @ 4PM

Tuesday, February 8th @ 9AM

Wednesday, January 23 @ 4PM

Tuesday, March 8 @ 9AM